Rolling Shower Chair

Safety and Convenience in the Barrier-Free Bathroom

For those with barrier-free showers, the 4000 series of rolling shower chairs is a perfect solution. The 4000 series models require just one bedside lateral transfer, eliminating the need for transfers onto toilets and into tubs in the dangerous bathroom environment. The strong and durable chairs have a high standard of weight-bearing, corrosion prevention, and resistance to water absorption that makes them ideal to roll right into a barrier-free shower.

Self-propel rolling shower chairs

For more independent users, models such as the MC4020RX allow for users to self propel. In fact, the MC4020RX can back right over the commode, with front-mounted wheels to provide back clearance for larger toilet tanks. The chair can then be self-propelled into a barrier free shower. The MC4024 has large 24″ rear-mounted wheels that provide maximum leverage for users who self-propel.

Caster wheel rolling shower chairs

For those with care-giver assistance, the rolling shower chair lineup offers other wheeled solutions such as the MC4000. This model can be backed right over a commode and rolled right into a barrier-free shower. With locking cantilever arms that swing up to ease transfers and caster wheels that can be locked into place.


Check out our full lineup of stationary and rolling shower chairs, including models that offer more weight capacity, tilting capability, or solutions for virtually any customer need.

Featured Rolling Shower Chair Models




For those with caregiver assistance, this shower and commode chair can be rolled right over a commode, before being rolled into a barrier-free shower. It also features locking caster wheels and locking cantilever arms that swing up to ease transfers.

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This chair can be rolled right into a barrier-free shower, and is the perfect model for the traveler that has caregiver assistance. It is lightweight and has the ability to be easily disassembled and packed into a FAA compliant carry-on travel bag. The lightest, most compact and best portable roll-in shower and commode chair available.

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For those with caregiver assistance, this chair can be rolled right into a barrier-free shower. This portable Tilt-in-Space shower chair features Nuprodx’ unique tilt mechanism with center-of-mass design to centralize the user’s weight through the entire tilt range. The side-mounted tilt crank operates with a light, low-effort through the entire range of motion.

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