Helene Greenberg

Associate Professor, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

“I wanted to thank you for helping my husband upon his return home from the Rehabilitation Hospital. Using only pictures from my cell phone and a tape measure, you were able to visualize a design that would work in my narrow shower stall…you worked with me throughout the process and stuck with me on the phone as I assembled the chair, Tonight we tried it out. The custom Nuprodx 6000 worked nicely. He felt secure on the transfer and tub portions and had just enough room to get his feet and knees in the shower pan-just like you said he would…After 4 weeks of hospital rehab he looks good. After a shower on the Nuprodx 6000, he smells good”

Bob Kallay

“Bruce, the Multichair 4020Rx works great and it is a work of art. I greatly appreciated the craftsmanship and the ease of assembly. Thanks for your help with this.”

Bob Meyers

“Thank you for your excellent customer service, My wife and I really appreciate it. I also wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the engineering, manufacturing and execution of our Multichair. Going on 15 years of purchasing and using “handicap” equipment for our son, I have to say the Multichair is one of those products I feel is actually made to enrich our lives and not just market to make a buck. When I first got a look at the chair I said to my wife, “Dang!”, she panicked, because she made the decision to purchase the chair. She was quite relieved to find my “dang” was my expression of appreciation for a well executed product and solution to one of our everyday issues. Please keep up the great work!”