James B Thomann

T-10/11 para

“On my recent trip I went from Florida to West Virginia west to Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, then back to Florida. I was able to use the chair, without the back on all toilets. I attached the back when I used the chair in the shower. I like the portability and ease of breaking the chair down. I really like the softness of the seat…all in all I give your chair an “A”. I am a satisfied customer, thanks Bruce”

Vince Soler


“Bruce, This letter is long overdue. Last July I purchased a multiCHAIR 4000. I have traveled extensively since then and have been extremely pleased with the portability and ease of assembly that your product offers. Being a Para for the last 21 years I had traveled with everything from an E&J full size shower chair to an Active-aid portable. Your chair has no competition – it is superior to anything on the market. I take my chair on board the plane as carry on luggage and have yet to have any delays or problems going through the security checkpoints.

Again thank you for such a great chair.”

Jan Harrison

Mother of Sam Harrison, T-12 para

“We have purchased 2 of your multichairs for our son Sam…He keeps one at college and one here at home. He has traveled from Cancun, to St. Louis, gone skiing and other places and it is so easy to carry on a bus, plane or in a car…This product was truly designed to be useable. Thanks for making life a little easier for others.”

Shawn McDonald

C 7/8 Quad/ex-racer

“Thanks to Bruce, I just got back from two weeks in England and Ireland and the only thing that I didn’t have to worry about was the use of an international chair that would fit and go everywhere I went. From hotels in London to many B&B’s in the backcountry of Ireland I knew that the chair would not let me down and in fact came out shining…With the Nuprodx chair I was like the United Nations and could go anywhere without having an interpeter….The chair was extremely easy to put together and take apart in a matter of a few minutes and carry and transport through airports. The possibilities are endless with this chair. I think that I will go out camping in a tent next!”

Melanie Born

San Francisco

“The multiCHAIR has changed my life. I have been paraplegic for 20 years and love to travel. In the past, I have struggled with schlepping an Active Aid in a huge suitcase. Those things must be made of iron. It was very difficult and I always needed help to carry it and set it up. Then there is the rust problem. BAD design.The multiCHAIR has made traveling a breeze. I can carry it on my lap and set it up in 3 minutes over a toilet or in a shower or tub. NO PROBLEM. I fly all the time and it fits perfectly in the overhead bin of the airplane. I recently went to Turkey for a week. Set it up in the bathroom of my hotel in Istanbul and had a great EASY trip. Two weeks in Italy last year and am headed to Barcelona in the Spring. All made possible with the multiCHAIR. As a paraplegic I need the side opening feature on the seat for toileting and this is the only lightweight product out there. I have had it for at least 3 years now and it looks brand new. Thank you thank you thank you to Nuprodx!”

Vladimir Mostovskiy

Mechanical Engineer and C-7 Quadriplegic

“Dear Bruce, On Friday morning…I received my multiCHAIR 4000. I am mechanical engineer with more than 30 years experience in heavy equipment design and testing. To be perfectly honest, when I started to assembly the chair, I was stunned. What a smart and good design! In the evening when I began my bowel program I was stunned again. Never ever during 5 years being quadriplegic I felt so comfortable. No wonder, the chair had been designed by the person who knew all needs of paralyzed people. Thank you very much for such a good present for disable individuals.”

Sam Spears

T8 para with shoulder injuries

“Bruce, I’m back, and glad/relieved to say – travelling isn’t always easy but with a Multichair 3000 one problem is eliminated: I can properly do a bowel program. It was convenient to use, light enough/easy to assemble, and stable/well built. Best of all and most important, the design of the chair allows me to use the same bowel program techniques that I do at home…Thank you for relating to the needs of the spinal cord injured in developing a product that is safe, convenient, and affordable. I am passing the word on to my SCI friends and therapists”.

The Rev. Philip L. Wangberg

“I have been a T-6 para for 11 years, and have used many shower chairs. The multichair 3000tx is far and away the very best that I have ever used! AND, it can fold up smaller than anything else I have found. If you travel and need a transfer bench, I am positive that you will not find a better alternative. Thank you for making a product of such high quality and unsurpassed usefulness.”