J. Robin Skiff

“The Nuprodx shower chair we purchased is the best chair we have ever had. My husband is a quadriplegic and we travel at least once or twice a year. I had placed numerous calls to medical supply companies as well as consulting them in person. We have wasted a lot of time and money purchasing faulty shower chairs over the years, to the point where I was exhausted. Most of the chairs we purchased either were not adjustable to meet our needs, or would rust. This cycle went on for years but I did not give up my search. I started looking for shower chairs on the Internet when one lucky day I stumbled upon the Nuprodx web site. I was impressed with the pictures and description of the shower chairs on the web site. I quickly called and Bruce answered with a friendly voice. I could not believe it as his chairs included all the features we were looking for in a shower chair. We immediately purchased one and have found it to be better than our expectations. We use it for every day use at home and take it with us on the airlines for vacation or business trips. I like the quality materials and the common sense details in the design. It is so easy to fold and pack, very light weight yet sturdy. It is a superior quality product and well worth the investment.”