Fred Liebel

“I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with your portable folding shower and commode chair….For years I have been disappointed by hotels that say they have accessible tubs and showers and will provide tub and/or transfer benches… when you get there the tubs or showers are not accessible and they have run out of tub benches… or never had one to begin with. Well I no longer have to be concerned with these problems when I travel. I just carry your lightweight portable tub seat with me and I am guaranteed the ability to take a shower whenever and wherever I please. Hotel, motels, campgrounds or even the middle of the woods I am fresh and clean! Having tried and owned a number of “portable” tubsets in the past I always had to decide whether or not they were worth carrying with me on trips. They were all very cumbersome, usually unstable in many tubs, and often quite heavy… and when you are wheeling through airports with a couple of bags on your lap, trying to make a connecting flight on time, weight was a consideration. With your product I no longer have to worry, as it takes up so little space and weighs so little, I always include it in my gate-checked or overhead-stored baggage… just grab and go! Thanks for making such a well-engineered and lightweights product!”