Bath Bench / Bath Transfer Bench

All-In-One Solution for Accessing Tub

For seniors or other high mobility individuals who want more safety and convenience getting in and out of the tub- with or without caregiver assistance- the Nuprodx Mobility bench slider system is the perfect solution. The bath transfer bench reduces the risk of falling on slippery bathroom surfaces when climbing in and out of tubs. Users can seat themselves in the chair outside the tub, slide themselves over and across the tub wall, and close the shower curtain for privacy.

Benefits to skin

The Nuprodx bath bench has other key health advantages. As we age, our skin becomes drier, thinner, less elastic and more delicate. These changes make sitting on a plastic or hard bath seat or bath bench uncomfortable. Worse, they can also lead to pressure sores and skin tears. Nuprodx chairs have superior pressure relief cushions, and even offer pressure distributing gel layered cushions to reduce the risk of such complications.

Quality Construction

Nuprodx bath benches and chairs are designed and manufactured in California, from concept to precision-machining of components to final assembly. Our bath transfer benches / bath sliders provide the highest quality construction and the most stable solutions on the market.

Featured Bath Bench Models


MC6000 Bath Bench Solution


The stationary tub or shower slider that is customizable to fit into almost any bathroom. It features an intuitive design that can be set up once and left in place. It is the perfect solution for independent wheelchair users to safely transfer into and out of a bathtub or shower with little or no assistance, or for seniors that have good mobility and want a product with a specific focus on bath safety to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

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